About Us

We are pleased to announce that since 2016 we have established our partnership with Riela for the creation of Riela India.

Riela ,a German based company, was founded in 1972 by the business man Karl-Heinz Knoop and is one of the leading companies in Agriculture in Europe. It started as a trade company, developed today’s product lines and was completed by taking over well-known competitors This is the field of activity Riela is specialized in, according to the motto: “From a little we understand a lot”. Whether grain, maize, rape seed, sunflower, pulse- RIELA has the extensive processing program:

  • Aspirators
  • Stationary and mobile dryers
  • Belt conveyor systems, through chain conveyors, elevators
  • Round steel silos, storage equipment
  • Cooling devices
  • Milling and mixing plants for feed production

In order to correspond with the internationally valued quality tem “Made in Germany” most up to date 3-D-CAD- construction and production technology is used. 24 hours a day working automated laser technology safeguards highest stand and precision into detail. In order to produce even more efficient, two new Trumpf Laser units with lift master and compact warehouse were installed and used.

The construction principle is designed strictly as modular construction system. This moves the wage intensive final assemblies into the purchasing countries and reduces the transport cost.

Apart from the Federal Republic of Germany in particular the East European countries developed to very strong markets and the export share is actually about 85%.

Expanding now in India and as there has been a great demand for the Riela India products.