Riela India, is a company which primarily specializes in the manufacture of machineries and equipments for “Post Harvest” operations for Grain, Maize, Pulses, and other agricultural produce.

Riela is a company established in 1972 by Mr.Karl Heinz Knoop at Riesenbeck. We initially confined ourselves to trading and expanded gradually and developed into a company with specialization in “Post Harvest Technology”, and ourphenomonal growth was also hallmarked by taking over well known competitors, in Germany.

We have been playing a very pivotal role in the German Agriculture Industry by enhancing the quality of post harvest operations as well as storage of the harvested produce. The machineries and equipments manufactured by us are extensively used in the Agriculture and the food storage sectors.


Riela has a very diversified product portfolio to cover all post agricultural harvesting farm activities. We manufacture machineries and equipments for diverse farm operations, like drying, cleaning, milling, mixing steaming etc, and also a wide range of Silos for storage.

We have a range of products along with an extensive processing programme to process a majority of agricultural crops, and produce including Grain, Maize, Rape Seed, Sunflower, Pulses etc.

Our product range encompass the following:

  • Intake Technology and Gutter Dust Removal
  • Peletting
  • Conveying Technology – Drying
  • Different kinds of Dryers for Drying
  • Biomass Heating Plants
  • Heating Register
  • Warm Air Generators
  • Ventilators
  • Centre Separator/Cyclone
  • Noise Protection Set
  • Control Units
  • Temperature Measuring Systems
  • Cleaning Technology
  • Round Silos
  • Smooth Wall Silos
  • Pellet Storage.
  • Ventilator and Cooling Technology
  • Dressing Plants for Feed
  • Milling & Mixing
  • Mixer for Fertilizers
  • Fertilizer Production

Riela also offers customized and individual planning of dryers and storage plants as per the requirements of the clients. Our service covers four aspects as described below:

  • Individual Consultation
  • Requirement Analysis and Planning
  • Construction, Manufacture & Supply
  • Assembling & Commissioning covering service, maintenance and training

Our service is also inclusive of a guarantee for a period of 12 months for all parts excluding turned and fast wearing parts.

We also have an in-house training centre, where comprehensive training is provided to our clients on our complete array of products and services.