Advanced Molecular Spacing Technology

GFF is a specialist bio additive company. From day one we offered an amazing number of firsts in what most people thought was a mature industry. We specialize in bringing advanced bio additives to the public. Fully sustainable, biodegradable and 100% non chemical. Advanced bio-products are very popular lately because rising prices and very serious problems with global warming and climate changes.


​GMax is our range of biodegradable cleaning products which are fully sustainable and biodegradable within 21 days.

We have developed our cleaning products using the revolutionary successful combination of Advanced Molecular Technology


BunkerMax is derived from natural plant extracts and vegetable esthers and is a simple fuel additive for bunker fuel. BunkerMax is fully sustainable and biodegradable.

This simple addition has impressive results and is mixed at a 1% ratio per metric tonne. (i.e 10 litres per metric tonne)


CoalMax is a very rare product and we are one of the only companies worldwide that produce a bio-additive specifically made to increase the calorific value of coal and reduce the CO2, SO2 and Vanadium content in the coal.

CoalMax acts as a natural biodegradable agent of molecule spacing and creates a micro explosion that breaks coal into finer particles before being burned which slows down coal consumption.


FuelMax is a state of the art biofuel product and is a unique fuel additive that works with petrol, diesel, light fuel oil and heavy fuel oil. Ideal for automotive, industrial, marine, transportation and aero industries.

FuelMax is the first organic based still liquid biofuel additive that can stay liquid at -30C and can be dissolved in water compared with other products.

100% Chemical Free - 100% Non Flammable - 100% Non Hazardous